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this blog is for my personal thoughts. nothing more. every post on here is just for me and people that respect my piece of mind. thanks for understanding . :]
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screwing up a lot in the last couple days. was supposed to send in my gradebook to the school for the students and totally forgot about the deadline. didn’t think i needed to do it til the next deadline but i guess not. :/ let’s just cross our fingers that the Athletic Director will take it :/

as for work, for some reason i thought i was screwing up. but apparently i’m doing a lot better than i was before. but my boss thinks i’m not taking the job seriously. so i have to find a way to prove to him that i am. hopefully he sees that.

school has been a little tough but nothing that i can’t pull through. must work hard! stay on the grind of it all. but this also leads into something that i absolutely adore about my baby Annie. she worries about my future and thinks about it all the time. she says that i should study to be a teacher/professor. she comes with me to all my badminton team’s practices and sees how i treat them. she says that i’m very nice to them, that i spoil them. as if they were my own kids. MY GOD! that would be ridiculous! 48 kids!?!?!?!?!? i wouldn’t know how to deal with 1 let alone 48. but i do care about them a lot. i hope that under me they learn something besides playing badminton. specifically frank. frank’s progress has been incredibly fast not only as a player, but also as a person. i feel that he’s taking things seriously. his girl, badminton, school. everything. hopefully i’ve been a good enough influence. i will continue to coach him and the rest, because i just can’t stop doing it. i enjoy teaching them. and that’s when i figure a teacher/professor would be what i want to do later on in my life. after business and dance. after i retire from the business world, i would go to be a teacher/professor at a high school or college. preferably a high school or a 4 year college. it’s just something to think about. i would like to teach either english or math. that would be nice. an english professor. or a calculus teacher. just things to think about :D

lastly,  i know that we always have problems with eachother, but Annie, i think we can make it through. i mean we’re still getting to know eachother and what not for 4 months. i think that’s time that we both wanted to invest in this, so i believe that we’ll work everything out. just crossing my fingers that it stays on the correct path :] <3

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